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Children Accidents In Scotland

How to keep your child safe on dark evenings.

The beginning of winter heralds the beginning of darker evenings. Many motorists will find themselves driving home from work in the dark for the first time in months and many children will experience walking home from school in the dark for the very first time. Unfortunately, this combination results in a higher number of road accidents. Government figures show that children are more at risk from road accidents from 3pm onwards in autumn and winter. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), in the winter of 2009 there were at least 55 fatal accidents, 237 serious accidents and 562 slight accidents on Britain’s roads.

RoSPA has campaigned for the UK to switch from its current time system to a system of Single/Double Summer Time. As it stands, the UK operates on a schedule of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in the winter and GMT +1 hour in the summer. The idea was proposed by William Willett in 1915, who was incensed by what he saw as a ‘waste’ of useful daylight first thing in the morning. RoSPA’s scheme would bring an extra hour of daylight all year round, operating on the basis of GMT +1 in the winter and GMT +2 in the summer. The charity argues that this system would save about 80 lives and prevent around 212 serious injuries each year.

Recommendations from RoSPA

Until this proposal is embraced (which seems unlikely any time soon), RoSPA has released a series of recommendations for both parents and drivers designed to reduce the number of accidents in the autumn and winter months.

Parents are firstly encouraged to talk to their children about the dangers of walking in the dark. Creating an awareness of the possible hazards is the first step to creating an etiquette of safety amongst young pedestrians. They also recommend that children wear reflective or high visibility clothing when walking or cycling. By law, cycles must have front and rear lights fitted and a set of reflectors. Fluorescent clothing for cyclists is not yet a legal requirement, but is being generally adopted in the darker months. In addition, RoSPA recommends that during this time, cyclists ensure that they wear a helmet.

There are also fun ways that parents can encourage their children to be safe. Glowing bracelets are great ways of making a child stand out in the dark. This policy might have to be discussed with the child’s school, which may have a no-jewellery policy.

Motorists have responsibility to other road users and RoSPA recommends that, as well as driving more carefully and paying extra attention to the road, motorists are more liberal with their use of headlights, switching them on before darkness descends.

All factors in an accident compensation claim

When assessing a road accident compensation claim, factors such as these are taken into account, so that it can be determined just how much liability is placed at the foot of the driver. Whether a child was wearing high visibility clothing, the state of the road lighting, whether the driver had his headlights on - these are all aspects that could not only save your child’s life, but also help decide whether or not you have a case to pursue in the event of an accident.

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