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TUC Annoyed About Difficulties Claiming For Work Related Illness

In a press release the Trades Union Congress (TUC) have suggested that government figures regarding compensation claims for work related disease do not accurately reflect the image of a UK ‘compensation culture’ which has been so heavily promoted. People are in fact making work related illness claims much less often now than they were in 2001. This suggests that when it comes to work related diseases claims, there is far from a ‘compensation culture’ at all. The TUC have their suspicions that the aim of the government is to make it far more difficult for people to make compensation claims and to weaken workplace health and safety laws. One proposed cut is of workplace inspections, which would save the Tories money.

Figures show a 60% fall in compensation awarded to workers in the past ten years. Only a tiny proportion of cases actually result in a successful pay out. 59 of the 4000 individuals who passed away from work related bronchitis and emphysema received compensation, less than 1 in 50 work related cancer sufferers received compensation and 293 of 221,000 people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression received compensation. It is patently obvious that it is extremely difficult to be successful in a work related illness compensation case.

Following changes to health and safety law, the TUC do not believe that workers are going to be properly protected by the law if they contract a work related disease. This means that even more people may not be awarded the compensation they rightly deserve. With compensation awards already at an extremely low level, this is concerning for people who are living with serious diseases that leave them unable to earn a living and in pain and discomfort.

The TUC are also concerned that the government’s new approach to health and safety legislation is going to increase the number of accidents, injuries and work related illness in the workplace. This would seemingly increase the risk that individuals are in at work, but reduce the legal support they have if anything goes wrong. In the government’s defense, they have said the changes are aimed at 'ensuring workers get the protections they need by making sure health and safety rules are easier to understand, administer and enforce. The burden of health and safety red tape had become too great.'

However, the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Health and Safety, Jim Sheridan has spoken out regarding the statistics. He takes a similar stance to the TUC and has said the government 'is simply undermining the important issue of health and safety at work. The government's approach to health and safety encourages bad employers.'

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