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Scotland No Win No Fee

Can you find a No Win, No Fee solicitor in Scotland?

The legal system in Scotland is different from the system in England and Wales.

In England, No Win, No Fee usually means that you will be able to pursue a claim for compensation and if you are successful you will not pay your solicitorís fees out of your compensation and you will be able to keep 100% of your compensation.

This is not always the case in Scotland and you should review your solicitor carefully before asking them to help your claim for compensation.

No Win, No Fee in Scotland

No Win, No Fee in Scotland will usually, but not always mean the following. If you do not win your claim for compensation you will not have to pay any of your solicitor's costs. Your solicitor will 'take your risk' on successfully pursuing your claim for you hoping that they will be successful. If you are successful, on settlement of your claim they will receive payment of their legal costs both from the insurance company and from a portion of your compensation.

If you see a solicitor advertising No Win, No Fee, you need to ensure that you ask carefully what this means in terms of the compensation that you will receive.

Some solicitors will provide you with compensation claims assistance and confirm that you will keep all of the money awarded to you, but others will not. Careful investigation will ensure that you chose the right solicitor and do not end up losing a lot of your compensation in legal fees and expenses.

Seek a second opinion

If you find one solicitor that is not prepared to act for you on a No Win, No Fee agreement and confirm that you will keep all of your compensation, you should look for other solicitors that may agree to do this. You might have to make three or four telephone calls to find one, but you should not stop and chose the first solicitor that you find. You must be happy with the service that they state they can provide you with, but also happy with any amount that you will have to pay them at the conclusion of your claim.


The market in Scotland is becoming more friendly towards innocent accident victims, but you still have to be careful to ensure that you will be able to keep all or at least most of your compensation.

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My case was dealt with personally by Stan Moffat and what a brilliant guy. His office contacted me personally by telephone at the start of my claim to explain who they were and what they would be doing for me. All through the case I was kept fully informed of all actions either by e-mail or by letter and reassured by Stan several times of any queries I had.

It is very seldom that a solicitor will take the time to speak personally at any time with you without getting run through secretaries etc. I commend this man for that as this was a very upsetting and important time for me and he did everything in his power to make this as easy and as swift as possible for me.

I highly recommend the service that this firm brings and the speed that they move at.

J McMahon

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