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Receiving your compensation for your whiplash claim

If you have made a claim for whiplash compensation, how do you receive your compensation payment and what should you do with it?

It is important to first consider the primary objective of compensation in a whiplash claim. The compensation is supposed to put you back in the position you were in prior to sustaining the injury as far as possible. Whilst it is accepted that it is almost impossible to compensate you for your physical injury, this is the only method the Courts can use.

Therefore, any compensation received is for your pain and suffering but also your losses and expenses. When you receive your compensation cheque, you might have to make a payment to your car repairer (if this has not already been done) or to any physiotherapist that has provided you with treatment. This may already have been paid by your solicitor but it is important to ensure that it has been so that you do not spend the money before you have paid the physiotherapist or chiropractor.

Other aspects of your compensation may relate to your lost earnings and expenses in which case as soon as you receive them you are entitled to spend them.

However, when it comes to your pain and suffering payment, usually the largest part of a claim for whiplash compensation, what should you do with your money?

It is unlikely at the time of receiving the payment that you can receive any treatment that will instantly cure the pain and suffering if you are still experiencing it. However, you may decide to put away some of the money to cover the costs of any future physiotherapy treatment. You might also decide to purchase some aids or appliances that might help you to sleep better, such as a decent mattress or pillow that provides more support than your current one. These items can make a significant difference to the amount of pain you continue to experience and is a good use of your compensation.


You may decide that you should invest some of the money for long term needs in case you require further treatment in the future. You could seek independent financial advice to ensure that you obtain the best returns on your investment over a long period of time.


Obviously, if you have made a full recovery, and do not have any expenses to pay, the most important aspect is to ensure that you use the money for your benefit. This might be for a holiday or a weekend away.

How do you receive your compensation payment?

Sometimes the other driverís insurance company will make a cheque payable to you and this will be forwarded to you by your solicitor. On other occasions the insurance company will pay the solicitor and he or she will then forward this payment on to you.

Is any money deducted for my legal costs?

Usually in a whiplash claim your legal costs will be paid for by the other insurance company. However, on occasions there may be some element of costs that is payable by you. You should check carefully with your solicitor whether these have been covered before you have received your cheque or whether you are expected to pay them from your compensation. You do not want to suddenly have to return money that you have received that you though was yours so it is vital that you cheque this at the beginning.

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Dear Stan,

Cheque received this morning in final settlement re the above.

Many thanks for your help in this matter, and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to any of my friends and colleagues.

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Mr T McBurney.

It is very seldom that a solicitor will take the time to speak personally at any time with you without getting run through secretaries etc. I commend this man for that as this was a very upsetting and important time for me and he did everything in his power to make this as easy and as swift as possible for me.

I highly recommend the service that this firm brings and the speed that they move at.

J McMahon

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